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Dodge Durango is a sport utility vehicle owned by Dodge who teamed up with Anchorman 2's front man, fictitious and hyper-masculine newscaster, Ron Burgundy for a series of painfully humorous commercials.

Dodge's team hatched the risky plan to incorporate the sexist newscaster, played brilliantly by Will Ferrell, into a stable of ads that would have Ron Burgundy pitching the Durango in his own wacky, and totally unpredictable fashion.

The pace to create these ads is one of the fastest I have ever heard of, with Will Ferrell banging out a total of SEVENTY commercials in only 2 days.

The genius here was 2 Parallel Competitors, Paramount Pictures and Dodge Durango, discovered they served the same market, and therefore found a great opportunity to overlap their promotions -- Paramount for the release of “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues," and Dodge of the new 2013 Durango -- while Dodge ammassed huge gains.

While seeing these commercials with two seemingly unrelated products (one a movie and the other an SUV) is certainly surprising at first, it was the perfect culmination of linking a market's favorite character to speak on behalf of a vehicle they have statistically been proven to enjoy driving.

Will Ferrell quickly became the most successful salesperson in the history of Dodge selling 40% more vehicles during the campaign while website traffic was up 80%.

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