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It all started with people getting bigger, and bigger and bigger, and now jet fuel costs for the airline industry has reached critical mass (much like the weight of many Americans).

To reduce this cost, the ingenious scientists/engineers at Boeing devised an interesting design feature to plane wings named: winglets.

Essentially these winglets look like the tip of the airplane's wing was bent upward which actually reduces fuel costs by channeling more air inward thereby minimizing drag and increasing upward windage support.

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So, what we have here is an added to feature to an existing product and the result is lower costs, lower pricing and most certainly a very dramatic and effective angle for branding.

Check out this commercial:


While the content of this commercial is bent on promoting lower prices, the commercial does not start there. Instead, it sells the justification for lower pricing which was very smart. As I always tell my clients: "it is great to have the cheapest prices in town, but you must clearly identify how you keep costs down so there is no perceptual compromise in value."

Sell high value and low pricing with intelligent efficiency

What Southwest Airlines did was take a feature they have been using since 2006, and dates back to 1897, and capitalize on its obvious ability to minimize cost to the airline which keeps prices as low as possible for Southwest Airlines passengers.

What I personally love about this advertisement is several other airline companies also use this technology such as America Airlines and WestJet. However, Southwest Airlines was the first one to the punch bowl so they can pretty much drink as much added market share as their marketing campaign will allow. That's how they do it, I do it, and you should do it to. So go sink your teeth into some great branding, tiger.

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