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This month is all about your deficient toilet. No, it functions just fine in terms of collecting your crap and sending it to.... wait, where the hell does poop even go? Probably into the brains of my competitors.

Anyway, according to Squatty Potty, it's not your toilet causing your hemorrhoids and leaving you bloated, it's your posture while sitting on your sinkhole that deposits your poop... again, into the minds of my competition.

Apparently, when you squat while pooping, it allows your entire area down there to open more naturally, thus making your time on the toilet faster, while ensuring you minimize the chances of unwanted stuff left in your body.

The pleasures of the squatting while pooping is nothing new to me as I endured it in Afghanistan when there was no toilet in the middle of the desert.

Frankly, I miss it!

Squatting, not the Taliban infested desert.

I love their marketing. Being we're in the digital age where a clever Meme or video will enter a consumer's household faster than an email, direct mail or a television commercial, Squatty Potty truly knows the value of ensuring you placing your advertisements online, while making them funny, interesting, informative and UNFORGETTABLE all in one sitting. No pun intended.

A white unicorn is this brand's mascot who has no trouble pooping out delicious chunks of creamy ice cream that can be immediately consumed, and enjoyed. You have to watch it to fully enjoy the creative bravery of this company.

The problem occurs when this unicorn is forced to sit on a convectional toilet. This is when he/she evidently creates ice cream that just doesn't 'sit' as well. Again, no pun.

The ad is complemented by the fact that when you visit the site, digital cookies ensure that you get to view the ad over and over again as you visit online websites that allow advertising. Because of this, you just can't forget to get a Squatty Potty!

The elements of this ad are simplistic, yet ingenious. The fact that this product will be confined to a bathroom is an obvious obstacle for developing a compelling ad.

However, by putting the product in the woods with an animal (a mythical one that poops creamy delights), you now have a more compelling and attractive situation to displays what the product is, and how the product works.

Also, the fact that there is some sort of royal prince with an English accent right out of the middle ages giving the sales pitch adds a huge boost for the product's perceived legitimacy and effectiveness.

The company's Facebook page already boasts 70,000 fans, and status updates are posted daily.

Just in terms of branding, and being memorable, I am naming Squatty Pottty Matt's Marketing Campaign of the Month.

The person or people who invented this campaign clearly have an agenda, and that agenda is branding brilliance. Good luck to them!

You can order your own Squatty Potty by clicking here: http://www.squattypotty.com/unicorn-h/

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