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How to Get Featured in Top Publications

How to Get Featured in Top Publications

HOW TO GET FEATURED IN TOP PUBLICATIONS Watch Me Explain How You can Get into Forbes, Inc., etc. Join HARO NOW! HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is a free service that links reporters up with business owners and experts like you because they are looking for ideas and quotes...

How to Write Sales Driving Proposals

How to Write Sales Driving Proposals

HOW TO WRITE SALES DRIVING PROPOSALS Watch Me Explain What Your Proposals Must Include to Get Accepted Nearly Every Time #1... Should You Write the Proposal? Every sales process has phases, and the proposal phase should never be entered into until: 1 - You assess the...

How to Become a Luxury-Priced Brand

How to Become a Luxury-Priced Brand

HOW TO BECOME A LUXURY-PRICED BRAND Watch Me Explain the 3 Simple Steps You Can Use to Increase Your Prices Are Higher Prices Better for Your Company? Hermann Simon is a leading expert on pricing, and in his book, "Confessions of a Pricing Man", he exclaims that he...

Maverick's Monthly Marketing Insights

Marketing Campaign of the Month

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

[sb name="mmcm-top"] In 2003, R&R Partners (R&R for the sake of simplicity) created the most successful slogan ever created in modern history: "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." The slogan has been quoted more than any other slogan, and has been used in...

Marketing Flop of the Month

Netflix: Prices Rise, Value Plunges

[sb name="top-banner"] [sb name="top-flops"] On July 12, 2011, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced a new pricing model separating its streaming service from DVD-rentals. The combined subscription that had previously cost $9.99 was split into two separate plans at...

Marketing Book of the Month

Blue Ocean Strategy

[sb name="top-banner"] [sb name="book-club-top"] by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne   There aren't many marketing books let alone business books I DEMAND that people read. However, Blue Ocean Strategy is one of them. Blue Ocean Strategy is one of those books that...

Marketing Movie of the Month

Wayne’s World

[sb name="top-banner"] [sb name="top-movie"] Wayne's World is all about desperate promotion in the interest of passionate brand perpetuation. Sure you've probably seen it, but I encourage you to watch it again to gain a refreshed understanding of the importance of...

Marketing Tactic of the Month

Direct Mail Advertising

[sb name="top-banner"] [sb name="marketing-tactics"] This posting is intended to teach you how to create and send direct mail advertisements. So, hopefully this posting teaches you everything you need to know in order to create, maintain and perfect direct mail...

Marketing Tool of the Month


[sb name="top-banner"] [sb name="marketing-tools"] is where you will research what internet marketing strategies your competitors are using to get customers online. This free online program will allow you to analyze their Pay Per Click marketing budget, what...

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