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by Colin Wheildon

I've read a lot of books about advertising design, and they mostly SUCK.

They often look attractive, have great reviews, and show a very diverse group of ad types and designs.

However! They rarely show evidence the actual ad design was successful, through sales or public scrutiny.

Advertising is selling in print, and that means ads must produce sales, or else they are worthless. In my book, brand awareness is the bullshit excuse poor ad people use to justify dogsh#t in print.

In Type & Layout, each ad, font, headline, copy design and watermark is intensely studied using market research. That's a real relief!

The book was originally written in 1936; however, it has been updated decade after decade, and today, you will recognize every brand within.

The lessons of the book are so thoroughly researched, that some findings even contradict the beliefs of legendary David Ogilvy (Confessions of an Advertising Man), who actually wrote the Foreword!

Among the many well-written lessons you will absorb are:

  1. How to generate ad designs that go with the flow of "reader gravity." That is, how the eye naturally falls when reading.
  2. How to use colors, and which colors are distracting.
  3. Which fonts work best, and why.
  4. Should you use periods, CAPITAL CASE and different color headlines?
  5. Where is the best place to position copy?
  6. Do leaflets work? Where do they work best: magazines or newspapers? What is their average conversion rate?

This book is filled to the brim with useful advice on how to design your ads. I highly recommended you add it to your marketing library.

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