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This movie is an advanced lesson in both comedy and selling which requires the difficult task of trading shame and fear for humility and brashness all in the interest of a laugh and a sale. It excelled in both.

Marketing is getting people to know, like and trust you in the interest of improving their condition.

When Tommy Boy, played by deceased actor Chris Farley, is suddenly thrust into the position of being the lead salesperson for Callahan Auto Parts, he is forced to acknowledge and embrace talents he never knew he had, to save the jobs of people he truly adores.

This movie is a hilarious coming-of-age flick that shows, despite the personal reservations people have about one another, a capitalistic enterprise can bring out the best in interpersonal relationships by forcing people to reach a common cause they care about, while gaining a mutual respect for one another in helping to achieve it.

Within seconds of the movie starting, you can deduce Tommy is a slacking goofball; yet, as the movie progresses, his sales skills earn the respect of even his most insightful critic, namely "Richard" played by David Spade.

At the end of the day, the most effective (not necessarily economical) way to gain a new client/customer is to get in front of them and convince them to buy your stuff.

Tommy Boy learned how to let everything go in his quest to grow his business, and so will you in watching this film.
If you'd like to pick this one up, you can order it by clicking here.

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