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This film is a rags-to-riches story that culminates with a fatal meltdown when hyper-male ego overextends its' stay in the highly regulated world of day trading.

Jordan Belfort is the subject of the story, and it is based on his rise and fall as, at the time, one of the most celebrated traders on Wall Street.

His story was so entertaining, that this is actually the second film made about his life, with Boiler Room (2000) being the first.

I met Jordan while this movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" was in production. He was a giving a seminar on his Straight Line Persuasion System which he perfected during his years of illegal trading activities.

His trading activities were unethical and illegal, his Straight Line System is not.

This movie is a brief glimpse into the life of this selling giant, and how he built an empire with probably one of the greatest sales machines the world has ever known.

While I wouldn't recommend replicating his lifestyle of drugs and Federal crimes, I would highly recommend you embrace his system of sales calling which gives your company the best possible advantage in converting a phone number into a client or customer.

While the movie doesn't go into his Straight Line System in depth, the fundamentals are all there: Displaying enthusiasm, expertise and value as quickly as possible into the duration of the sales call.

The movie is very entertaining, and it's based on all real events (believe it or not).

If you need some sales inspiration, I highly recommend it tonight.

If you'd like to pick this one up, you can order it by clicking here.

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