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by Dan S. Kennedy

I read this book when I began in marketing. I have read dozens of books on how to craft successful sales letters since. None have come even close to the overall simplicity, effectiveness and step-by-step guides masterfully crafted in this advertising essential volume.

Many organizations have a problem with the "s" word (selling).

I suppose they believe it's the offspring of desperation and rejection -- it isn't.

While word-of-mouth and inbound marketing may generate sales, selling will generate market share (that's bigger).

In The Ultimate Sales Letter, Kennedy teaches us specific tactics and formulas for convincing people to buy our stuff via a hand-crafted tool that can be reused as you please.

Among the many bits advice he offers is:

  1. How to aim content to compliment the conservation your market has already been having inside their minds regarding your products/service. In other words, always swim with the tide of preexisting intentions instead of introducing benefits and pitches your market has not already thought considered.
  2. How to structure your sales letter to ensure you address every concern your buyer has directly, instead of allowing their pesky defenses to arise.
  3. How to create sales letters that manifest strong emotion within your buyers. After all, emotion generates motion.
  4. When are the best times to send sales letters, in what form, and how much content? He answers all of these critically important questions.

I have to say this book is a real gem in my business library collection, and I have over 27 pages bookmarked for tasks I do every day.

Also, the author gives you a checklist at the end of the book to ensure every sales letter you write meets every standard the author has created for you to maximize your sales effectiveness. After all, every pilot has a checklist before taking off, so why shouldn't you?

What I also like is the fact the author talks about how much money he can make from writing one letter (north of 6-figures). I like this a lot because it teaches the layman or small businessperson the sheer value in creating a piece of persuasive gold that generates significant returns each time it is sent out.

If you need to convince somebody of something in the form of an email, letter, fax or presentation, read this book first!

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