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by Kevin Hogan

Hogan does a great job teaching people how to be more persuasive in this book.

When you first read it, you're tempted to think it paved the way for the National Bestseller Influence, written by Robert Cialdini, until you realize this book was first published in 1996, and Influence was published in 1984.

However, the ideas in this book, specifically Chapter 4, certainly paves the way for Cialdini's recent book, Pre-Suasion.

I would highly recommend this book to you if you are trying to be more persuasive based on these 4 factors:

  • It exhausts every technique you require to be more persuasive.
  • Instead of being narrowly focused on the books' "9 Laws of Persuasion", it ventures into complimentary areas as well, such as:
    • Where to sit in a meeting based on who you're trying to persuade, and what you're trying to get from them
    • How to use hypnotic language
    • How to use strategic questions to identify objections, values, etc.
    • What are the best words to use when trying to sell
    • How to write persuasive business proposals
    • Etc.
  • This book is EXTREMELY easy to read, and makes use of bulleted lists, bolded headlines, spacing, etc. in the interest of allowing you to quickly get the information you need, while helping you to avoid the natural puff (intellectual beer foam) almost every book has.
  • This book is not academic as it may appear (the jacket is uglier than a Dad tie from the 80s); instead, the author reminds me of Tony Robbins in his pursuit to make the reader learn how to persuade, along with understand what their goal of the persuasion is. "What's your WHY", as Tony Robbins always famously says.

I'd say the secrets to being as persuasive as possible, with what we know today, are all in this book.

Again, Hogan begins writing the framework for the later book, "Pre-Suasion." This refers to getting an individual we wish to persuade into a state of being more agreeable, before any persuasive attempt is even initiated. This is like prepping the soil to receive the seed.

So again, read this book. Each chapter is accompanied by quotes from top business leaders regarding the fact that being persuasive is probably the greatest personal skill one can possess.

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