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Steal This Marketing Strategy from Planet Fitness

Maverick Steffen  -  1/1/2024 (Happy New Year!)

In every business sector, there lurks a perfect storm, a moment when all the usual habits and routines of your target market are thrown into chaos.

For some, it's a literal storm that does damage to one's home. For others, it's going back-to-school and needing supplies quickly.

For Planet Fitness, this storm is the holiday season, a time notorious for overeating and lax exercise routines coupled with "New Years Resolutions."

Sidenote: This marriage of emotional epicureanism and extreme goals makes my job as a Marketing Consultant so much easier 🙂

As the festivities die down and New Year's resolutions begin to form, people realize the toll their holiday indulgence has taken on their fitness and health.

This isn't just a time for resolutions; it's a time of urgent need for change.

Planet Fitness understands this storm of guilt, gluttony, and renewed motivation. They've mastered the art of timing, hitting hard with campaigns right when the storm is at its peak which is why they advertise so heavily right around the New Year.

This storm isn't about weather but about a psychological and seasonal disruption that affects consumer behavior. As a business owner, understanding and anticipating these disruptions in your target market will take your revenue to all new leaps and bounds.

Whether it's a fitness journey derailed by holiday feasts or another industry-specific seasonal trend, identifying these moments is crucial. These are the times when your target market is most desperate for a solution, and being there with the right message can make all the difference.

For example, my marketing agency has ad campaigns on standby for all of our local service companies, like tree removal, roofing, fencing, etc.

We launch these campaigns when there is a local storm that has done some local damage. We call these campaigns "Storm Chasers", and they are created solely for the purpose of appearing when locals have damage that needs to be repaired. They are immensely successful.

Have you identified, and set up campaigns that are ready to capitalize on your target market "storm?"


We call these campaigns "Storm Chasers," and they are created solely for the purpose of appearing when locals have damage that needs to be repaired. They are immensely successful.

But how do you identify these storms? Let's examine.
Look at the patterns of behavior in your target market. What events, seasons, or circumstances lead to a sudden, almost desperate need for your services? Once you've pinpointed these storms, you can craft targeted campaigns to launch just when your potential customers are most receptive.
Here are some example of companies and industries who have mastered this timing, desire and call-to-action:
Back-to-School Season: Every year, as summer winds down, parents and students scramble to prepare for the new school year. Retailers offering clothing, school supplies, and technology gear up with sales and promotions to capture the flurry of spending that occurs during this period.
Tax Season: Accounting firms and tax preparation services capitalize on the annual "storm" of individuals and businesses needing to file taxes. They ramp up advertising as the April deadline approaches, targeting those who are feeling the pressure of looming tax submissions.
Wedding Season: Typically peaking in late spring and summer, wedding season sees a surge in demand for venues, caterers, florists, photographers, and more. Businesses in the wedding industry tailor their offerings and marketing to appeal to couples planning their nuptials.

Allergy Season: Pharmaceutical companies and health stores take advantage of the increase in pollen and allergens during certain months. They market antihistamines, air purifiers, and other allergy relief products to those suffering from seasonal allergies.

Winter Holiday Shopping: Retailers and e-commerce sites bank on the shopping frenzy that occurs from Black Friday through December. They offer special deals, extended hours, and holiday-themed products to draw in shoppers looking for gifts and festive items.

Valentine's Day: Florists, jewelers, chocolatiers, and restaurants see a significant uptick in business as people look for ways to express their love and appreciation. Companies often create special offers, limited-time products, or romantic experiences to capture this market.

Summer Travel Season: Airlines, hotels, and travel agencies gear up for the busy summer travel period. They offer early booking discounts, vacation packages, and targeted marketing to families and individuals planning their summer getaways.

This strategy isn't about taking advantage of the desperate; it's about being the helping hand right when it's needed the most. Yeah, that's it!

It's about understanding the human side of business - the predictable ebb and flow of needs, desires, and crises that shape consumer behavior.

By aligning your marketing efforts with these psychological and seasonal storms, you not only increase immediate profitability but also build lasting relationships with customers who'll remember who was there for them when they needed help the most--that's future revenue, baby!

So, think about the perfect storm in your industry: What is the equivalent of the post-holiday fitness panic?

How can you position your business to be the first and best solution when the storm hits? By mastering this approach, you're not just selling a product or service; you're providing timely solutions that resonate on a deeper level with your target market. That's the kind of connection that turns first-time buyers into lifelong customers. So, as you plan your next campaign, remember: the perfect storm is coming. Will you be ready to ride it?

To your success!


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