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Years ago, a friend of mine mentioned this documentary, and began explaining it for a brief 2 minutes or so. After that, I had to see it.

The long-story-short is this is a "going" of age story (see what I did there?) about the writer and Director of the cult classic, Boondocks Saints.

It chronicles how Troy Duffy was literally force-fed the fruits of wealth and success, and he SPIT them out in an ongoing fit of unparalleled ego and total paralysis of introspection.

The film is called "Overnight" because the protagonist in this film found overnight success due to being discovered by antagonist, Harvey Weinstein of Miramax. If you've ever met Harvey like I have, you'd know he a calculating, self-indulgent demagogue of Hollywood. He's also fabulously rich and creatively talented.



While Troy is in Harvey's good graces in the beginning of the documentary, Troy's arrogance and unrelenting abuse toward others eventually leads Harvey no choice but to accordingly cut Troy loose, and indirectly ban any other legitimate production studio from creating or buying the film.

As a result, Troy and his entire sheep-like entourage fall, and return to their day jobs like wounded soldiers after a failed war.

As a movie about communications, media relations and direct marketing, this a gem for those wishing to get a better understanding of the the secret worlds that exist all around us, dominated by characters we should be sure to get along with, and not threaten or try to intimidate.

Troy's band, The Brood, was also given a tremendous opportunity due to Troy's success in gaining national attention about his film. However, that success quickly evaporates as well.

This move is bother highly entertaining, and a great study in how confidence and creativity go a long way, but neglecting basic human decency and politeness will quickly send you back to where you came from in a hurry!

If you'd like to pick this one up, you can order it by clicking here.

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