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MergeWords.com is another online marketing gem that quickly allows you to build keywords for your website by combining several phrases you need to incorporate into each keyword for Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click advertising.

For example, say you are an accountant located in Los Angeles, but want to ensure you're targeting customers within specific Counties within your area as well, such as Ventura County, Inland Empire, etc.

All you have to do is type all of the locations you wish to target in the first column.

Next, type all of the services you provide in the second column.

Finally, in the third column you can type in several other terms that will help you rank for more specific online searches.

Ex. Ventura County Defense Attorney for DUI

As you see, I put the location in the first column ( Ventura County), the service type in the second column (Defense Attorney), and the specific type of service in the third (for DUI).

Once you have a full list of keywords you wish to target, you can now begin building a page with fresh, original, relevant and  authoritative information for each one so that search engines serve your website for people looking for each specific keyword online.

But first, let's check your existing keyword rankings.

Use Merge Words now.

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