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My favorite Gif maker is makeagif. Clever name, isn't it?

In case you don't know what a Gif is, it's a motion picture that only lasts a few seconds.

A Gif is a great way to express an idea, get someone's attention, summarize a video or simply have some fun.

In marketing, we tend to use these a lot in emails, and on Social Media.

You see, a video can't be seamlessly embedded into most emails, but a Gif can. So this can be a great way to capture your reader's attention, and either express and idea, or show them there is a video they can watch.

Also, a Gif will begin moving the second someone opens your webpage, so it's a great way to lead their eye where you'd like them to look.

makeagif allows you to create a Gif using a web link, YouTube video, file, Facebook video, picture or web cam footage. This means virtually anywhere you can find an image or video on your computer or the web, this website can create a Gif from it.

Also, it is extremely easy to customize your Gifs once you get started. You can also add effects or filters.

So if you're looking to give your marketing a little bit more motion, try it out!

Make a Gif Today!

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