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While the movie "Jobs" based on the life and accomplishments of Steve Jobs scored a low 27% on Rotten Tomatoes. I rather enjoyed the film and its cinematic depiction of the man it celebrated.

Steve Jobs seemed to have all of the positive attributes of the modern business psychopath while at the same time demonstrating a seemingly unfounded passion to create and innovate.

Whether this was due to being abandoned by his birth parents or not, Ashton Kutcher beautifully captures Jobs' passion-filled rage, as well as Jobs' ability to engage, dominate and captivate an entire room with pure persuasive story-telling. The thing that has always been masterful about Jobs is he didn't ever try to convert a critic of his into an ally, he instead always tried to convert the people around the critic to his side.

In watching this movie, you'll soon feel like you're watching a disciple of Peter Drucker. This is because as Drucker, all Jobs cared about was innovation, and he wouldn't launch a product that wasn't innovative.

As a result of the taxing financial effects of innovation for any company, Jobs was thrown out of the company he started, only to return yeas later to save Apple from total bankruptcy.

One thing you'll take away from this movie was Steve was not a normal man who shaped his company and products around the world he lived in. Instead, he shaped the world around his company the the products it could create.

While the movie leaves out Jobs' work on the "i" generation stuff that solidified him on the map as one of the greatest business people of all-time, it did set the stage nicely to show the uphill journey Steve climbed, and conquered along the way.


If you'd like to pick this one up, you can order it by clicking here.

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