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by Hugh MacLeod

MacLeod is a poor man's Seth Godin.

In his book, Ignore Everybody, I loved his fresh insights on how to be more creative in a world that beats people into mediocrity the way a fridge strives to keep its contents the same temperature.

MacLoud ( gapingvoid.com) apparently gained some popularity when he began blogging, and creating art on the backs of business cards. These cards can be seen throughout the book.

This is a quick read, with insightful examples of how to leverage your passions and desires to stand out and create something unique.

Like most books on creativity though, don't expect it to give you practical examples on how to increase your revenue.

While creativity is an essential aspect of any business function, from innovation to marketing, MacLeod makes it clear there is a big difference between the creativity we enjoy, and the creativity that pays the bills.

Being that MacLeod had a day job when he published this book, I'm thinking his creative endeavors at this point of his life wasn't sufficient enough to pay all of the bills.

One particular insight I enjoyed was 50% of what we do now will be worthless, and very soon. If that's not both a fact and a call-to-action to live on the cutting edge of our industry, I don't know what is!

Also from the book: all too often we believe new mediums, new markets, new technology, etc. will save our day, but they don't. They exist with all of the competition we deal with right now.

Nevertheless, if you're looking to escape your own mediocre mindset and adventure deep into the art that lies in the center of your being, this book will help you eliminate the boundaries that hold you.

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