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How to Protect Your Marketing System from Hacking & Cyberattacks

Maverick Steffen  -  12/17/2023

You must protect your marketing system from hacking and cyberattacks.

At the very least, cyber bots trying to hack into your website and leverage your work for influence or money is not a possibility, it's an inevitability.

Here's a detailed guide, a masterpiece if you will, on how you can shield their marketing from the perils of hacking and cyber attacks.

Strengthening Your Defense

1. Obscure URL and Unique Usernames
Begin by fortifying your website's login page with an obscure URL, steering clear of the conventional paths hackers often tread. Similarly, ditch predictable usernames – opting for distinct, obscure identifiers on each platform provides an additional layer of defense. Use Change WP Admin Login to accomplish this.

2. Two-Factor Authorization: The Sentinel of Security
Implement two-factor authentication (2FA) across all platforms. Print and secure recovery codes – your lifeline if your phone falls prey to hacking, ensuring uninterrupted 2FA access.

3. Mastering the Art of Passwords
Craft a unique password system tailored to each company you engage with. Utilize a structured framework such as this one:

Your New Password Framework Example for Apple Account:

Normal Framework: %qwe[First letter of company name]hr#[Military alphabet word starting with the company's initial letter]v*sd

Example of this method for a WordPress site: %qweWhr#Whiskeyv*sd

Now create your own framework and start using it today.

You'll be shocked at how easily this helps you create a unique password for every asset you log into, without having to write your passwords down.

4. Plug-in Vigilance
Regularly update website plugins, establishing a routine of at least once or twice a week. Outdated plugins are akin to leaving the front door open to viruses and malware.


Recognizing Early Signs of a Breach

  • Unusual Account Activity: Monitor for irregularities in login times, locations, or device usage.
  • Slow Website Performance: Sudden slowdowns could indicate a compromise.
  • Unexpected Password Resets: If you receive reset emails without initiating them, investigate immediately.
  • Unfamiliar Logins: Keep a close eye on login histories; any unfamiliar locations or devices warrant attention.

Avoid the common pitfall of providing unchecked access. Whether it's third-party accounts or automation tools like Zapier, understand that giving someone access to your accounts means potentially giving hackers access to your entire digital realm.

Dealing with a Breach
In the unfortunate event of a breach, swift action is imperative:

  1. Restore to Earlier Dates: Clean up involves restoring your website to earlier dates, potentially sacrificing recent content.
  2. Access Loss Mitigation: Losing access to accounts is a harsh reality. In extreme cases, with compromised billing information, vendors may be unable to assist.

Your market dominance requires not only strategic offense but an impenetrable defense.

By implementing these fast and easy steps, you pave the way for secured and protected marketing success.

To your success!


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