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There are so many ways to get into the media on a weekly basis. So as long as you have a little time and energy to devote to getting this media attention - and driving some major visibility to your company - there is no reason you can't get the local and national attention your brand deserves.

Today I want to talk about your press release strategy. Listen, every element of your business has an objective, value, measurement of success and benefit; however, all too often companies carry on tasks such as creating press releases with no thorough strategy in mind.

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So, here are a few tips for your press release marketing strategy:

  1. Look for any reason at all to create a press release. For example, here are some creative ideas for press releases:
  • You hired a new employee
  • You moved into a new office
  • You hosted a charity event
  • You have advice on a particular problem your target market is facing
  • You have an expert opinion about a particular current event your industry is facing. For example: If you're a real-estate agent, now may be a good time to submit a press release about your opinion on the Revel Casino situation.
  • If you've added a new product or service
  • If there is a problem around the corner your target market is about to face, and your recommendations to avoid or minimize the eventual damage
  • Your advice for selecting a company like yours
  1. Once you have your press release, go to MailChimp.com and create a mailing list of local and national media reporters that you wish to send your releases to. Now you won't have to practice the ancient, and ineffective, art of CC'ing, and you can easily send to hundreds of news sources in one keystroke.
  2. Once you submit your release, followup with certain reporters of interest to determine if they need any additional quotes or details for their story regarding your release. What you're really doing here is driving more attention to you, and your story.

You should be continually sending out press releases on  a consistent basis. While not ever story will be picked up, some will, and this will drive additional attention in you, and your brand.

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