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by William A. Cohen

Peter Drucker is to management what Sun Tzu was to War. One of the first lessons of business is follow Drucker's advice, and you'll have a long and fruitful career.

So it should be no surprise that every now and then, Drucker's intellectual steam liner bumps into the subject of marketing, and Cohen wished to explore and curate those exchanges. Very noble!

One of the biggest takeaways of this book is how Drucker felt about marketing: In business, there is marketing and innovation, and everything else is a cost.

Another takeaway from this book is that great marketing is leadership, and true leadership is getting out in front of something, and owning it with sincerity and authenticity.

While Cohen attempted to fill 248 pages with Drucker's thoughts on marketing, he succeeding at filling less than half of that.

Much of the book was Drucker's ideas on innovation, and Cohen attempting to tie them into marketing. He did this pretty well, but one got the feeling they were reading a term paper with a page quota.

Nevertheless, there are tons of useful nuggets you can use to improve your organization in countless ways, all while briefly venturing into Drucker's views on marketing and sales.

I'd say this is a good read if you like Drucker, but not an essential read if you are interested in marketing.

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