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Databox.com is a reporting tool/dashboard that captures and displays all of your marketing metrics in once screen, with seemingly limitless style options.

I originally discovered this tool while looking for a way to report my clients' Facebook advertising metrics to them in real-time. While this tool doesn't report in real-time, it updates so frequently that you'd barely notice the difference. However, it reports when it was last updated, so that gives this tool a huge boost.

To use this tool, you first give it permission to access any of your marketing or business accounts, i.e. Facebook ads, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Stripe, SEMrush, Google AdWords, etc. You then customize how you would like these metrics presented to you on what's called a "Datawall." You can use their templates, or create one of your own.

Once you're done, you can view practically any metric you wish from any account you own, all on the same Datawall.

They also have mobile Datawalls you can view metrics on your phone because the large Datawalls aren't mobile friendly.

Currently, we are using Datawalls to track and report several metrics to our clients, and we couldn't be happier with this company.

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