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by Jonah Berger

This book is a guide on how to make content viral, or rather, "contagious."

Viral content is any content (video, article, idea, invention, etc.) that spreads throughout a huge group of people much faster than almost anything before it.

Like many of the other books I recommend to you, this one contains an actual formula to create viral content.

The funny thing is, most contagious content is transmitted through word of mouth, and not the internet. I was shocked as well.

This reminds me of the fact more people died from Smallpox during the American Revolution, and not injuries sustained from battle.

Either way, this book gets to the heart of what makes people wish to share ideas with other people, such as:

  • Does this content make the person sharing it look good?
  • Does it get people talking about the person sharing it?
  • Does it get shared because everybody else is doing it?
  • Does is it trigger people to show they care deeply about something
  • Does is have so much practical value that people want to share it?
  • Does it have a story with a compelling message?

Berger is at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Penn, so I think I'll drive over and have him sign this masterpiece of a book one day.

While this books gives a practical blueprint from the development of viral content, it's also a road map for the types of content all writers should be striving to develop.

And that's the point. Creating viral content isn't magic trick, it's a consequence of developing something truly useful.

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