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Broken Link Checker is a WordPress Plugin that is free, and you can easily install it into your website.

You see, having broken links on your website dramatically harms all of your search engine optimization efforts.

The reason is because the more difficult you make it for Google's spiders to crawl your site, the less preference Google will have for presenting your website to search engine users.

After you've downloaded and activated this plugin, simply find it in your back-end, and then label and start your first scan.

The amount of time each scan takes to complete depends on the size of your website.

After the scan is complete, you can filter your results based on

  • 200s (Successful links)
  • 300s (Link Redirections)
  • 400s (Link Errors)

The scan actually shows you what page each link is on, what the embed text is, and where the link is currently pointing.

Now you can easily filter your link errors, and go to each page on your website to revise or delete each link.

This may take you a few hours to clean up, but it is well worth it in the interest of all of your search engine optimization efforts!

Download Broken Link Checker Now

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