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Maverick's Morning Thoughts

Branding Beyond Colors and Fonts to Market Dominance

by Maverick Steffen on 11/29/2023

The critical question remains: Where does your customer's mind land first when they encounter your brand?

It’s not just about fonts stirring emotions or colors kindling familiarity -- I'm so sick of landscaping websites saturated in GREEN. It's about crafting a narrative that resonates deeply with your audience.

Consider this – when customers land on your website, are they greeted with a sea of generic hues and vague promises, or are they captivated by a unique palette and precise answers to their burning questions? It's a fine balance between providing enough information to educate and leaving enough mystery to provoke a call.

And let’s talk about authenticity. Testimonials should not just be words on a screen; they should be real stories, potentially reinforced with video, from genuine clients. In an era where green is synonymous with landscaping and blue with service industries, dare to be different. Your color choice should not be a meek echo of your competitors.

Moreover, guide your customers through a clearly defined journey, from the first contact to service completion. Eliminate the guesswork. Your brand narrative should be a well-lit path, not a labyrinth.

Gone are the days when a billboard would suffice. In our digital age, customers dissect everything from your company ethos to your employees' beliefs. This scrutiny can either be a stepping stone or a stumbling block. A surefire way to gauge your branding success? Sales metrics. If sales are climbing, your brand resonates with your core audience. If they're dwindling, it’s time for a reassessment. Take a leaf out of history: brands like Disney had to realign with their roots, while others like RadioShack faded into obscurity.

The Superbowl ad that Radio Shack created and promoted for $6 million demonstrating their brand was as dated as the celebrities within it (who thought this was a good idea for a technology company?!):

The essence of a powerful brand lies in its ability to polarize. It’s about having the audacity to cater passionately to a segment of the market, even if it means alienating another. Remember, true leaders, much like politicians, never have unanimous support. Your brand should be bold enough to make such sacrifices.

While everyone aspires to be the next Amazon, remember their journey started by focusing on a niche market. Once they dominated one sector, they expanded. Brand building is a marathon, not a sprint, grounded in likability and trust.

So, ask yourself, what steps are you taking daily to nurture these twin pillars of brand success? Until you have a firm grasp on building likability and trust, pause your public promotion. Your brand is more than a logo or a color scheme; it’s the heartbeat of your business identity.

In conclusion, branding is an art and a science. It's about standing out, staying true to your core values, and consistently delivering on your promises. It's a journey of building a loyal, almost evangelical customer base. Your brand is your story; write it boldly.


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