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This movie is an advanced lesson in cold calling to drive relationships, and sales.

This film was actually the first film based on the notorious life of Jordan Belfort and his scandals that lead to millions of dollars, an FBI investigation, and prison time. While the most relevant cinematic depiction of his life, the film Wolf of Wall Street, was a high-budget instant classic, Boiler Room also performed extremely well with a stable of notable characters, speeches, quotes and story line.

Without giving too much away, this film is a coming of age about a young Jewish man, Seth, whose pursuit of success is largely overshadowed by his need to make his father proud.

Seth is clearly entrepreneurial from the start of the film, but wishes to put an end to his illegal gambling operation to pursue a more white collar field, mainly, becoming a stock broker.

This is where Ben Affleck joins the film, and bursts out a motivational speech to recruit Seth, and a room full of young men, that could trump Tony Robbins any day.

(Preview has explicit language) 


Quickly, Seth's job to impress his father is being dealt with speculation and doubt. Eventually, Seth and his father both begin pulling back the thin veil of legitimacy over Seth's job to discover an unscrupulous and illegal organization Seth has been indoctrinated into.

As I implied, this film doesn't have the high-dollar punch of a typical Hollywood thriller, but that is what seems to give it more authenticity.

I liked this movie a lot, and from the beginning, Seth is an ace at sales calls. What made Jordan Belfort successful, whether ethical or unethical, was his uncanny ability to build trust, relationships, and sales over the phone with total strangers.

If you wish to make better sales calls, watch Seth quickly establish a relationship with everyone he calls that isn't based on a product, but value.


If you'd like to pick this one up, you can order it by clicking here.

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