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To gauge customer perception and identify areas for enhancement for Starbucks's newly introduced beverage, with the ultimate goal of optimizing its appeal and profitability in the market.


Embarked on a comprehensive research initiative, orchestrating a series of focus groups and surveys across New Jersey.

This effort aimed to capture a wide range of customer feedback concerning the beverage's flavor profile, presentation, and overall attractiveness. Participants were selected to represent a diverse cross-section of Starbucks's customer base, ensuring the feedback was both robust and representative.


The feedback gathered from these customer interactions provided Starbucks with a wealth of actionable insights. Based on the collective input, the company was able to make informed adjustments to the drink's formula, tweaking it to better align with customer tastes and expectations.

Additionally, the findings informed a set of marketing strategies that were finely tuned to the preferences and desires of the target audience.

These enhancements and strategic shifts collectively acted to boost the beverage's popularity and profitability, reflecting the value of customer-driven innovation and adaptation.

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