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To reinvigorate PREIT's retail spaces, making them more attractive and inviting to both potential tenants and shoppers, ultimately increasing the vibrancy and profitability of these commercial hubs.


Embarked on a dual approach that involved bolstering the digital presence of PREIT's retail spaces and initiating a series of community engagement programs.

This included leveraging social media platforms to showcase the retail environments, promoting special events, and highlighting new and existing tenants. In parallel, community engagement programs were implemented to draw in local crowds, involving activities, local partnerships, and events designed to make the retail spaces community focal points.


The strategic combination of enhanced digital visibility and community-centric initiatives led to a notable revitalization of PREIT's retail spaces.

The fresh appeal and increased buzz attracted a wider array of tenants, keen to capitalize on the growing foot traffic and dynamic atmosphere. As a result, occupancy rates improved, reflecting the renewed interest and commitment of both retailers and shoppers to the rejuvenated spaces.

The success marked a turning point for PREIT's retail environments, establishing them as thriving, attractive destinations once again.

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