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To captivate the attention of affluent second homeowners in Jersey Shore towns, driving up interest and sales for ForeverLawn's synthetic grass by emphasizing its low maintenance needs and superior aesthetic appeal.


Deployed a strategic mix of direct mail campaigns and precisely targeted Facebook advertisements.

By utilizing rich demographic and behavioral data, the campaign identified and engaged a select audience of potential customers with a known inclination towards luxury home products and low-maintenance landscaping solutions.

The content was tailored to highlight the unique value propositions of ForeverLawn's synthetic grass, ensuring it resonated with the lifestyles and preferences of the affluent homeowner demographic.


The focused and data-driven approach led to an impressive uptick in ForeverLawn's customer base within the targeted affluent regions.

Within just the first two quarters following the campaign's implementation, there was a remarkable 360% increase in new customers, significantly bolstering ForeverLawn's market presence.

This surge not only reflected the campaign's effectiveness in resonating with the target demographic but also marked a substantial expansion in the brand's reach and reputation in the luxury home and garden sector.

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