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To amplify brand engagement and accelerate membership growth for Anytime Fitness by leveraging targeted, community-driven initiatives that resonate with local fitness enthusiasts.


Maverick meticulously devised a unique strategy combining hyper-localized Facebook advertising with influencer collaborations to target fitness aficionados in the vicinity of the new gym locations.

The advertisements were crafted to captivate the local community's interest, highlighting nearby facilities and featuring relatable, motivational content. Simultaneously, partnerships with local fitness influencers provided authentic endorsements and amplified the reach within the community.

This digital approach was complemented by engaging, on-ground community fitness challenges and wellness workshops at the gym, designed not only to demonstrate the amenities and services but also to cultivate a vibrant, supportive fitness community.


This multifaceted campaign led to a significant uptick in gym memberships, deeply integrating Anytime Fitness within the local community fabric. The brand's reputation soared, now recognized as a leading figure in promoting accessible, community-centric fitness solutions.

The blend of digital outreach and real-world engagement created a compelling narrative around the brand, fostering a loyal and enthusiastic member base, and establishing a new standard for community-focused fitness marketing.

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