December 20, 2022

Have you noticed that irritating feeling in your mouth after brushing your teeth?

Feels like your gums were in a freezer, doesn’t it?

Do you know why that is?

In the early twentieth century, Pepsodent added an ingredient to the common toothpaste formula that would make people’s teeth “feel cleaner.”

Believe it or not, before this chemical was added, people rarely brushed their teeth. It wasn’t until Pepsodent added an irritant that people began reaping the Pavlovian effect of a clean mouth.

Now people know their mouth is clean because they feel that tingle, even though it has NOTHING to do with making your mouth cleaner.

This is also why shampoo bubbles up so dramatically. In fact - as I type this - scientists are adding irritants to suntan lotion to encourage people in the future to use it daily (and buy it monthly).

Make your product indispensable.

Create habit-forming experiences that foster greater customer reward (and loyalty) from your offerings.

Colleges give you a useless piece of gold-gilded paper to signify the waste of $32k, and our cleaners make our toilet paper look like a rose.

What experience will you leave your customer with that they don't enjoy, they require.


To your success!


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