December 13, 2021

I've always LOATHED the word SALES.

Dirty word, isn't it?

People have to sell when there is an absence of trust and information in a prospect's mind.

So your marketing must do the hard work of building trust and explaining how you improve your customers' condition so you never have to sell again.

Here's what you do:

1) Build an excel sheet of every offering you sell, and all of the steps involved from development to fulfillment.

2) Create an infographic and explainer video for every step of each process.

3) Create an FAQ page on your website that addresses every aspect of each process, along with the complementary infographics and video displayed on the page as well.
See example > CLICK HERE

5) Have your customers post written and video testimonial reviews all over the internet (you can also pepper these into your promotional videos).

Once all of this is up and running, you can answer questions from potential customers, but you certainly won't have to make a sale because your marketing already lifted that burden.


To your success!


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