November 29, 2021

Radio advertising is extremely cheap right now.

So if you ever believed radio time could boost your bottom line, today I'm going to teach you how to quickly get your radio ad going.

Step 1: Research which radio station you would like to use 

Your potential customers and existing customers listen to the same stations, so if you don't know what your customers listen to, ASK them.

Step 2: Contact the radio station

Have them send you their media kit, as well as time slots and prices. Prices can ALWAYS be negotiated down (I have never allowed a client pay full price for a radio ad, especially now). So....


Step 3: Begin negotiating the price

Radio is not Walmart and prices are not final.

They will work with you if you have a particular budget in mind.

Act poor and don't use big words.

Just give them your low budget, and work backwards from there.

Step 4: Produce a radio script ("copy") for them

This should be sent to them on a PDF, and should be structured like any script.

Ensure you specify where the music and/or sound effects (if any) should be within the lines the voiceover person will read, and use "..." to indicate when you want them to pause.

Ensure all non-English or difficult words have the phonetics listed at the bottom of the script, as well as your contact information in case they need you to sound something out.

Time yourself reading the script to ensure it is within the time limit you will be paying for.

Step 5: Send the radio rep your script and they will produce your ad

Once they complete your ad and send it to you, you will have to approve it (or request changes) and give them your payment information so you can be billed when the first ad is run. You should not be billed until this point.

That's about it.

I'll go into more detail about how to write the perfect script in the future. 


To your success!


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