January 24, 2022

I hate to say it, but drug cartels knew what they were doing when they coined the effects of marijuana as getting, “high.” Really, who doesn’t want to be higher?

Unfortunately, anti-drug lobbyists still haven’t coined a counter-programming answer to this tagline.

When I think of the anti-drug movement, all I think about is D.A.R.E., which actually failed miserably.

Not so cool compared to "high."

Unfortunately, many organizations fail to observe the power of using one word to define their brand, and never seize this opportunity to imprint their brand permanently into the minds of their market niche.

After all, no one can remember everything they see about your business, but they will remember ONE word.

Here are some examples you may recall:

    • FedEx: Overnight
    • Crest: Cavities
    • Dominoes: Delivery
    • President Obama: Change
    • Army: Strong

The bottom line is you need to pound away at your target market's mindspace with ONE word.

That word should appear all over your branded materials, website, advertising, sales scripts and media relations.

Finding that perfect word will take some time, but it should be a word that perfectly defines your unique value that differentiates you from the competition.

And if that word has anything to do with "great service", DELETE it. That is something everyone says and not one customer remembers.

Whether you like it or not, people are defining your company with one word right now.

The question is, did you choose that word, or did they?


To your success!


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